Kata is a prearranged series of offensive and defensive movements that utilize punching, blocking, kicking, and striking techniques. Cultivating the skills of the practitioner through Kata is not a practice retained solely by Karate. It is an ideology of training that was employed by the Samurai known as Karada de Oboeru or “Learning with the body”. The Samurai performed detailed sequences that were similar to Kata for nearly every facet of their lives. Their endeavours were an attempt at transcending conscious thought so the body would not be shackled by fear, doubt, or thought.

In times of severe physical or mental stress the mind can cripple the body. Through the consistent repetition of Kata the practitioner’s movements will become natural and will not require conscious thought or effort. Consequently the practitioner will develop a clear and composed state of mind. Tranquility of the mind allows the body to react instantaneously to any attack and is the essence of Kata practice.

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