The Meaning of Osu

OsuThe Japanese expression Osu is written by combining two Kanji

(Japanese language charachters) symbols. To assist in accurately describing the inherent nature of Osu, the accurate translation of these two Kanji symbols is necessary.

The first symbol Oshi simply translates to mean "Press or Push".

The second symbol Shinobu refers to "Patience, A steady effort, or to Endure". Thoroughly examining the second symbol

Shinobu will expose the intrinsic nature of the expression Osu.

The Kanji for Shinobu is created by combining the two characters "Heart" and "Blade". Consequently the poetic translation of Osu is "To push onward even if a blade penetratesyour heart". Authentic Karate training creates an indomitable spirit in the practitioner. The spirit obtained has implications far beyond merely self defense.

The stress of dealing with a career, finances, and relationships in todays world are often overwhelming for adults. Teenagers have to face pressure from peers, drugs, alchohol, and their own self image. Stress is a debilitating illness that is plaguing our society. Through authentic Karate training the practitioner learns how to deal with stress, anxiety, and hardship. This training will cultivate a more confident individual and provide the necessary tools to deal with the demands of life. 

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